Last race of Summer

With covid not rearing it’s ugly head all of the 2022 fixtures went ahead as planned and the turnout for the last race was a big crowd. A magnificent seven club runners turned up with Nigel, Katie, David, Dave, Phil, Mike and Richard all running with Derek proving moral support. The location was in the grounds of IBM with the flags and bag area in front of the pavilion with the race route snaking in and out around tennis courts and cricket green and the various tracks and nearby patches of woodland.

A team 5 + 2 spare runners. Jolly.

A round of applause was observed at the start of the race due to a popular memeber of the running community who had recently passed away. The course then started off with a mini loop of a grass field and then 2 loops with a finish in front of the pavillion.

Plenty of varying terrain was on offer. Gravel, tarmac, trail and some hidden slopes and manhole covers providing the hazards to be wary of. It was roughly two laps and the climate was much more easy going than the recent sweaty shennigans and the forecasted rain stayed away which was a bonus. Post race there was the temptation of the nearby bar in the cricket clubhouse, but we all perhaps wisely chose water over beer as the electrolyte refreshement of choice.

Finishing area
4.5 miles (or just under 7.5 km)

The next series of races is the RR10’s muddier, colder cousin the CC6’s! With the fixtures soon to be announced.

Pictures courtesy of Paul Hammond & Derek Jennings.