Wessex Road Runners

Once described as Winchester's finest running club.

Club History

Hampshire based running club, participating in cross country competitions in the Winter and Summer months. We are usually found running locally in Winchester at parkrun or in the surrounding areas.


RR10 – These are a summer series of races organised by running clubs in south-west Hampshire for their members

CC6 – Held in the winter, these are friendly low-key races in various locations in Hampshire.

Wessex road runners

1982 – 1997

  • Inaugural meeting 5/1/82. Attended by Mr and Mrs Teer, Mrs Walker, Mrs Mcloud, and 4 other members, and R W.
  • R. W.  becomes chairman, Mr Teer Sec.  Subs £2/ annum!
  • These members later resign.
  • First AGM on 14/11/83, attended by 45 runners.
  • Alan Teer given Founder Life Membership.
  • Jeff Meddings Vice Chair.
  • Club organised it’s first race the Winchester 10 mile race, 26/2/84.
  • The second AGM took place on 5/5/84  35 members attended including Richard Widdop.
  • Madge Sharples appointed President.
  • On 18/10/84 reached 161 members noted.
  • Third AGM was attended by 180 members in 10/4/85
  • Major controversy within club in Feb 1986 over organisation of the Winchester 10 mile race, R W contesting how it should be run. Outcome being that WRR withdraws it’s support for this race.
  • Fifth AGM with 120 members attending. R. Widdop has attended all these AGMs. 1/4/87.
  • Membership reported as 100 on 8/2/93.
  • Club enters the South Downs Relay for the first time in June 1996.

1997 – present day

  • The Ropley 10K was successfully run from 1997 for around 10 years.
  • South Downs Relay teams, occasionally two, competed from 1995 to 2017.
  • Wessex has continued to compete in the RR10s and CC6s. We were in the Hants CC League and Test Way relays till circa 2015.
  • Originally the club ran 4 Champ Races annually at 10K, 10 miles, half and full marathons. All hotly contested. ABr was champion of champions in 2009. RB ran the London Mara in 2hr 43m in that year.
  • SD clinched the Stefan Hudson Cup in 2010…way back in 1990 SD (chairman for many years) was declared by J Tr “Ultra runner of the year” for completing the SD “80” in 11hr 11m.
  • We continue as a much smaller club, very  dedicated and hard-bitten, with its true a preponderance of Veterans, join us if you dare.