Wessex Road Runners

Once described as Winchester's finest running club.

About Us

Wessex Road Runners is a Hampshire based running club, participating in cross country competitions in the Winter and Summer months. Competitions include the RR10 which is a summer series of races organised by running clubs in south-west Hampshire for their members, and the CC6 races which are held in the winter, these are both friendly low-key competitions which can only be attended by participating clubs and are a fantastic introduction to competetive racing.

Wessex Road Runners are a member of the Association of Running Clubs and as such subscribe to ARC policy and guidelines for the protection of young and vulnerable people.

As an ARC accredited club, it is imperative that all athletes read and abide by all appropriate codes of conduct as listed on the ARC website. If you feel in any way that others within the club are not following these codes of conduct then contact the club as soon as possible

For further information go to :-   http:/www.runningclubs.org.uk