Glorious sunny cross county running on a Wednesday night, what could be better! The second RR10 of 2022 took place in Itchen Valley country park and judging from numbers it seemed to have a strong attendance as the park seemed very full of clubs (including 2 new ones) who were all well represented.

Wessex had 3 runners out with Phil managing a decent time although he did walk briefly up one hill, so perhaps needs to work on his fitness a bit more. Dave S ran around no doubt dreaming of the Nike Vaporfly Next% he was going to be running in come next race and Doug M as ever also ran very well.

This enjoyable course was 4.5 miles of a mixture of flat spongy grass with some grassy knolls being the tougher incline parts, some smooth tarmac and some hard uneven rutted up mud in roughly 2 laps and a bit. With Richard and Peter in a cheering capacity enjoying the sun this was quite a decent course benefitting from a lack of long grass as this route would normally be put on later in the year.

Next up to the Hamble for race 3

Picture credits Derek Jennings @ smugmug