Final CC6 of the 2019/20 Season

With the previous CC6 race cancelled twice, due to bad weather, I suspect everyone was looking at their emails waiting to see if this race was on or off. Fortunately a few days of (slightly) drier weather leading up to the event meant it would go ahead. However on the drive from Winchester there were a number of heavy downpours and we feared another soaking. When we arrived at Wilverley however, the sun was shining and it was pleasantly warm, perfect for a run.

There were enough of Wessex for a team – Steve, David H, Phil and Nigel. Support was provided by Richard, Peter and Fran.

The race briefing warned of a very soggy course, lots of mud, some fallen trees, a stream and the possibility of Gruffalo (the only wildlife I saw were a couple of ponies going the wrong way). It seemed a slightly smaller field than usual, people perhaps put off by the weather and the dreaded Coronavirus.
The race started and it was fairly pleasant for the first two km, flat and wide (if a little soggy) to start with followed by a nice downhill section. After that it became a bit of a slog with lots of undulations, deeper mud and being forced off the path at certain points, having to contend with low hanging branches. The final 1000m involved a long, slow climb which was hard work before a sprint for the finish.
All Wessex runners home safely in the order – Phil, Nigel, Steve and Dave H.