First Club run of 2020

The CC6 continued with the first run of 2020 at Badger Farm on Sunday 5th January. It was a good turnout with six runners and Peter present to supervise, encourage and count us in at the finish. One of the group had not learned his lesson from the previous year’s event and enjoyed himself a bit too much on FA Cup Saturday.

The course started from a different point this year, meaning an uphill start, followed by an uphill run to the finish line. There was clearly a lot of enthusiasm for the New Year and the start was packed with runners. The course itself was in pretty good shape, there was little mud, few puddles but a few tree roots to contest with. It did narrow down for long sections making overtaking somewhat tricky.

Everyone got home safely in the order of – Mike, Phil, Derek, Nigel, Doug and Richard. Formal results awaited.