The fourth race of this year’s CC6 was at Holmsley campsite, near Burley, in the New Forest. We just about scraped a team together and four Wessex runners arrived to race. Weather conditions were good, a little chilly, mostly dry and minimal wind.

The start line was a few minutes walk from the car park. Phil and I had gone for a bit of a warm jog, returning to find everybody else had just about left the car park. A Marshall guaranteed they wouldn’t start the race without us (I didn’t believe him) so we ran on to catch up with Richard and Derek.

The starting line was not too busy, nicely spread out with plenty of space to get away quite easily. The course was in good condition, only a few puddles and a bit of mud in the first, fairly open, kilometre. It was then into some proper forest with solid trails. The course was up and down with a slightly cruel finish – three hills to contend with just before the final 500 metre stretch back into open ground and to the finish.

I enjoyed the race, I was a little heavy legged from a ten mile run the night before (Dark Moors race at Moors Valley, head torch needed – Race Report ‘it was dark’) but had a good competition with some other runners. I really enjoy the competitive element within the CC6 (and RR10), thinking tactically rather than purely racing against the clock.

Everyone home safely in order – Phil (70), myself (129), Derek (141) and Richard (148).

The next race will be at Badger Farm on February 12th, hopefully a good turnout for this. A reminder that we have started some social runs around Winchester, if anyone wants to be added to the Wessex Road Runners WhatsApp group, please let me know.