A new destination for the RR10, Ridge Farm (New Forest Outdoor Learning Centre) near Romsey was the location. In an effort to be more environmentally friendly, ease parking at venues and boost team spirit I decided to pick all the runners up from Winchester and take them in my car. So began the great trek around Winchester, taking in St Cross, Badger Farm, Hyde and South Wonston. Despite this inefficient route I was expertly guided (from the back seat) by Richard and David S and we still managed to arrive at the race venue about an hour before the start – beaten (of course) by Peter who had cycled there for support.

We were delighted to see Mike turn up just before the start, giving us five runners and making us eligible for the first ‘team’ result of the year.

The course itself was unusual (it was usually used for Cyclocross), three laps around a grass track, very firm, rutted with very sharp turns, lots of climbs and a short section into the woods. I think we all found it challenging, narrow in sections, unstable underfoot and the change from bright sunshine to lower light in the woods was quite off putting. We saw a few twisted ankles on the way round.

All Wessex home safe however, in order – Phil 82, Mike 118, David S 152, myself 194 (Nigel) and Richard 230. A nice photo at then end to prove our team result.

Next race is back at River Hamble Country Park, July 6th, please note an earlier start at 19:00.